Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud software AWS-based engineer.

Vince works with consulting, improvements and digitization of the processes around the ERP solution Infor M3. Vince was started in 2010 by consultants with a common goal of making ERP better. Today, Vince has 22 employees and will continue to grow. Now there is a need to hire a skilled, forward-thinking and passionate developer to strengthen the company's further growth and knowledge. You will be working on our latest product VinceLive.


We need someone who: 

  • Has a passion for learning new things, technologies and concepts
  • Already thinks serverless first, or think it’d be cool to do so
  • Is concerned about security in all aspects of IT
  • Has started their own software projects, concepts or ideas in their spare time
  • Likes shiny new things
  • Uses a password manager already – it’s 2020, come on!
  • Likes working remotely from time to time, even when no global pandemics are hanging around


You will:

  • Work on a new multi-tenant platform for processing enterprise workflows, destined to simplify daily operations tremendously for large well-known brands
  • Advise and be a sounding board on technical and architectural decisions in relation to AWS
  • Work in collaboration with CTO, Product Owners and Architects on design and implementation plans
  • Develop new features and maintain existing features in the backend serverless infrastructure
  • Develop modules for use in workflows
  • Develop and maintain REST API endpoints
  • From time to time, assist in developing UI features using VueJS, but the main focus will be backend
  • Review code and assist colleagues and team in India with challenges, tasks and concept designs
  • Lead workshops and demos, going through complex architectural topics for non-cloud native speakers
  • Be encouraged to think of new ideas and be given time to explore concepts
  • Obviously, you just love to write awesome documentation… (or at least can do a decent job trying, since you should be boasting about what you have developed and how it works


Technologies to know:

  • Programming languages: Javascript, Node.js
  • Databases: AWS DynamoDB, SQL Server
  • Networking and protocols: REST APIs, HTTP, DNS, routing tables, ports, interfaces
  • Security: OAuth2, Understanding of AD & LDAP
  • OS: Linux, Windows
  • Cloud services: AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS DynamoDB, AWS SQS, AWS S3
  • Cloud development libraries: AWS CDK or SAM or CloudFormation
  • Build-, testing tools & pipelines: Webpack, Jest

We can offer:

  • Academic challenges
  • Competent and social environment
  • Competitive wage conditions
  • Flexibility in relation to working hours and place
  • Extra holiday week
  • Good personnel insurance and pension scheme
  • Social trips

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis

Please apply for this job via our partner:

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