Head of development

Head of development

Experienced developer ready to manage teams?

Business Systems are boring! Complex and cumbersome. Oftentimes ugly. But we are changing that – and you will be leading that change. We want you to help us consumerize enterprise! It’s not fair that people spend so many hours at work in systems that actively try to kill you, while everyday tasks in consumer apps are actively showering them with love and usability.

We are looking for a developer with the skills to lead the technical evolution of our serverless platform built on AWS. We strive to make our existing customers – over 100 well-known brands – even happier. They are using our applications to save them thousands of hours per year already, but we want to make it even easier for them. The journey for Vince and our customers has been an on-prem focused exploration, but we are now aiming for the sky.

At Vince, we are not so big on titles. Your title would probably be Senior Backend Developer, Team Lead or Head of Engineering, if that suits your focus better. In this role you will work primarily with development of our serverless application and lead our teams to do the same. You will write code, specifications for our teams, as well as documentation of technical features and concepts, while maintaining a high focus on security throughout all implementations and designs. Your focus will be on backend development, but you’ll actively be involved in frontend decisions and coding since we believe you want to.

We are looking for someone that loves new technology, can come up with and implement crazy ideas and is the source of inspiration for others!

In this role you will: 

  • Lead a team of 10+ developers located in Bangalore India and coordinate with a delivery manager
  • Work on a new multi-tenant platform for processing enterprise workflows, destined to simplify daily operations tremendously for large well-known brands
  • Advise and be a sounding board on technical and architectural decisions in relation to AWS
  • Work in collaboration with CTO, Feature Owners and Architects and customers on design and implementation plans
  • Develop new features and maintain existing features in the backend serverless infrastructure
  • Develop modules for use in workflows
  • Develop and maintain API endpoints
  • From time to time, assist in developing UI features using Vue JS
  • Review code, assist and guide colleagues and team in India with challenges, tasks and concept designs
  • Lead workshops and demos, going through complex architectural topics for non-cloud native speakers
  • Be encouraged to think of new ideas and be given time to explore new concepts  

We need you to have: 

  • 5+ years of experience with development in Javascript and/or Typescript
  • knowledge and experience with working with AWS services beyond running EC2-instances and ALBs, specifically serverless features
  • security top of mind at all times
  • experience with working and leading others remotely even when there are no global pandemics plaguing the world

We hope that you: 

  • have leadership or mentorship experience
  • have a passion for learning new things, technologies and concepts
  • already think serverless first, or think it’d be cool to do so
  • are concerned about security within all aspects of development
  • have started (possibly even finished…) your own software projects, concepts or ideas in your spare time
  • like shiny new things

Technologies we use:

  • Programming languages: Typescript, Javascript, Node.js, Vue JS
  • Databases: AWS DynamoDB, some SQL Server
  • Networking and protocols: REST APIs, GraphQL, Websockets, MQTT, HTTP, DNS, routing tables, ports, etc
  • Security: OAuth2, SAML, understanding of AD & LDAP
  • OS: Linux, Windows
  • Cloud services AWS: Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, IAM, SQS, S3, Step Functions, Event Bridge, Cognito 
  • Cloud development libraries: AWS CDK, SAM, CloudFormation, Serverless Framework
  • Build-, testing tools & pipelines: Webpack, Jest, Playwright

In summary:

The most important thing to succeed in this role is that you’re curious, interested, and willing to learn new things while building on your previous experience to become faster, harder, stronger like Daft Punk.

You have a technical interest also in your private life and you’re eager to ask “Why?” and “How?” to continue learning more all the time. 

We don’t want someone who does things a certain way because "that's how it has always been" - we need someone that asks "why don't we do it this way?"

You need to have a lot of creativity and problem-solving ability, and some humility. You also have a positive mindset where you see problems as challenges and road bumps on the path to our way to consumerize enterprise!

About Vince: 

We are a Norwegian based company with about 30 employees and hundreds of years of collective experience in enterprise processes and business systems. Originally – and still – a consultancy, but now focusing more on creating applications to help our customers making the most of their business systems.

We can offer: 

  • Academic challenges
  • Competent and social environment
  • Competitive wage conditions
  • Flexibility in relation to working hours and place
  • Extra holiday week
  • Good personnel insurance and pension scheme
  • Social trips

Additional information

  • Remote status

    Flexible remote

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Oslo, Norway

Inkognitogata 34
0256 Oslo Directions oistein.reppe@vince.no 0047 9170 9230 View page

When joining Vince you will get:

  • Social working enviroment

  • Professional challenges

  • A varying and flexible working life

  • Competitive terms and conditions

  • International experience

Teamwork all the way!

Vince is a hybrid - doing both Software development and customer-based projects. You will work in either an internal team or a team at the customer site.

Building team spirit is important in Vince, and we try our best to meet also outside work.

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